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Thursday, May 25, 2017

An Unfortunate Current Reality

I actually have a lot to say about this because I've run into this sort of thing myself, but many many young new artists.

An actual reality for a young artist, or and older life-long artist, YOU ARE NOT EVEN CONSIDERED an "ARTIST" anymore by the Establishment Bubble.

I do NOT believe in this kind of rigidity. I am HERE ON RECORD as denouncing and REJECTING this kind of mindset.

I denounce and reject the frozen, rigid thinking of the establishment.

Part of my INSPIRATION in doing my current & future work is defiance. I BELIEVE in art fundamentals, PRACTICING, studying anatomy, and DEVELOPING SKILLS.

I will be CONTINUING to give out my tutorial, exploratory, and process work FOR FREE to ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD in PROTEST against THOSE whom get paid to "teach" but DO NOT, and admonish those whom are ACTUAL artists that study traditional styles.

I actually DO view many forms of creativity as ART, including photography, video, and even many many forms of Modern Art. But, I PROTEST the dissuading of art basics and fundamentals by those with high price tagged paperwork THAT CAN'T even draw a human figure, and are TOO LAZY to bother trying. When those guys say that i'm NOT and artist, or that I am not good as an artist for doing what really inspired me, and what's ACTUALLY in my heart, THEN IT PROVES TO ME (and to you) That I AM CORRECT and they are WRONG, biased, and closed minded. They became the thing they once rejected.

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