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Inspiring: Kindness, Sharing, Giving Of Yourself WITH HEART and ART

Kindness, Sharing, Giving Of Yourself WITH HEART AND ART


I would like to share some examples of selflessness love of creative persons, or fairy tales & folk stories.

I would like my project to have not just good fortune, as Qilin are said to bestow good fortune, good luck, glad tidings, and good news, but to go a bit further, and have more depth and character.

Examples of Stories of Kindness and Selflessness in Culture:

Elves and the Shoemaker:

There's many versions of this story. The version most people know is by the Grimm Brothers'.

In this story some elves help out a shoemaker in dire straits and extreme poverty. Many times, the elves take pity on the shoemaker, and create beautiful shoes for him, multiple times. When the shoemaker and his wife realize it's elves helping them, they make clothing for them, and set them free.

The Grimm Brothers

The Grimm Brothers were 2 brothers whom loved fairy tales and folk stories, and tirelessly amassed, and collected many stories from bards & storytellers (whom did not always tell stories for money but out of love, and also often ONLY to CHILDREN making it difficult since they were adults) which were told orally, and wrote them down to preserve them for everyone & posterity before they were all lost.  They did this because they loved it, and they wanted to share it with everyone.

Saint Nicolas

Saint Nicolas was a real person, in fact he was a man whom was a Greek Bishop from what is today called the nation of Turkey. There are so many stories of him giving secret gifts, and doing many acts of kindness, and even ones referred to as miracles.

There are many other versions of this figure which also became very familiarly sounding close to the stories of the Elves and The Shoemaker which are often an elderly man with a white beard, blessed with elven magic, whom hand makes toys and gives treats to children, and good things to the poor.

These stories portray either Saint Nicholas, or other versions, as someone that's UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING: a person whom gives UNCONDITIONALLY.  That means to give to love WITHOUT any conditions, and without an expectation of anything being returned. This is the OPPOSITE of CONDITIONAL LOVE which is more of a quid pro quo. It's also about agape, altruism, and even being just as kind to people that might even be your enemy, or those whom hate you. Selflessness.


Inspiring Videos Depicting This True Humanistic Spirit of Giving & Unconditional Love

The Gnomist:

I would like to also SHARE a video I found that was so inspiring and moving. It's called "The Gnomist". In this story, some very creative people, went out of their way to do really nice things for their community. They did this on their OWN DIME, and NOT FOR PROFIT. They did what THEY LOVED, did things for the love of OTHERS, and not motivated by being famous, or getting something back. They were very kind and big hearted. Every time I watch this it moves me to tears.

The best segment in this is The Little Owl story.

I was so touched and moved to see people of such genuine compassion, creativity, kindness, heart, and soul. It takes time, effort and care to do something so elaborate as this, and not even for themselves. It's not something one can learn in a school. It's something within a true human heart.
Unfortunately, despite all of their work being loved and appreciated by their community, their work was banned, removed, and in they end, they also had to leave the community.

Narayanan Krishnan

This video here is probably my favorite video I have ever watched online. 

This very creative man, Narayanan Krishnan, broke the laws of his own religion's culture to care for all the suffering people, and the poor, all around him. 

This video makes me cry every time I watch it, and it never gets old.

Inspirational Crowd Funded Artists:

Artist: Kerli Kõiv

1 Crowd funding artist in particular that was of such inspiration to me was an artist I was familiar with for years. There were so many things she had done that I absolutely loved, including her electronic dance music, pop music, and her multi-skilled, eclectic, creative style. 

Her whole life, she didn't fit into her communist country's culture (BECAUSE SHE WAS AN ARTIST AND COULDN'T CONTAIN IT), and finally got some big breaks doing pop music. But, no matter how hard she tried to follow along, "do the right things", listen to whatever her labels said, they still dissuaded her form being herself and admonished her from being her true to her own personal creativity nothing worked out for her. 

Originally, going to the USA was a great opportunity to escape her rigid old homeland's culture. But, then things feel through in America as well. Eventually, no matter what she did, she gave up trying to please others and took a break from everything and spent an entire year living in the forest in her Estonian homeland, and started coming up with her own new stuff. As her homeland's culture had changed and progressed since she'd left she found that younger generations actually admired her work and looked up to her.

She did so many creative works, created all kinds of art, did photo shoots, worked with people whom wanted to work with her, and actually invited her fans to support her to do what she loved , as an artist, inside of her heart. I remember watching her posts on Instagram as she posted photos from the forest, or made digital photo art, and was utterly curious about what she was really up to with great interest. I was somewhat going through something similar in my own way, so I could relate to everything she talked about. 

Then, what came out of that was "Feral Hearts" which was a new song, but also a lot of other creative things she'd created, including the video which was gorgeous, and she made other content that followed it. 

Artist/Composer Joshua Penman's Akara Project:

This was a project that was so unique and different. I came across it completely by accident. It was absolutely beautiful. This was also crowd funded, and there are 3 albums which stream live for free.


Myself As An Artist:

I wanted to share these things because I wanted to express they kind of person I am, inside.

I have lived through 2 different centuries, and watched things become grossly materialistic, oppressively corporate, empty, and cruel.

I really DO NOT fit into that kind of life. My heart is too big, my integrity is too much, I care too much, I am have critical thinking skills, philosophical interests, and I JUST CAN'T be fake enough to please the corporate workforce. In other words, I don't belong in a "real job".

Also, trying to go mainstream, artistically ends up causing people to become incredibly intimidated by anything I do, and often had paranoid delusions that I was out to steal their jobs away from them, when I wasn't.

In the hopes that my fellow human beings might try to understand me, and understand that some of these stories I'd shared above involved individuals whom followed their hearts, and gave of themselves to others, with their creativity, that perhaps people might also start to believe in me as well, and perhaps be moved to help support me.

I would like to publish MOST of my process, work, and more COMPLETELY FREE. I have many times published a number of works online FOR NOTHING including tutorials, commenting, and interacting since the 1990s. Many people have grown up and thanked me for the work & help I did for them, with them, or for free.

My FREE Cheat Sheets/Tutorials on DeviantART are STILL my #1 MOST popular works to this day. I created these in 2005 to break down the process of drawing human hands and feet using the Feynman Technique in my own way, to help improve the skills of many talented artists to bring them up to speed, to THINK beyond the way they already were thinking, while drawing, and to allow them to grow and progress BEYOND THAT.

I also have other content throughout in my DeviantART gallery that is licenced to the Creative Commons COMPLETELY FREE for educational, or self learning, purposes. Many many artists over the years have downloaded my blank sketches to practice hand coloring, mixed media, and digital coloring.

I would like to spend this summer, working on everything from the pre-production work, to the practice work, to the animation process. I will very likely be creating a time sheet, to show just how much work I actually put into my artwork. All of that will be available FOR FREE to anyone.

I will, however, be selling SOME of my sketches, drawings and illustrations WITH their time-sheets logging the hours of work I put into them, on my Etsy.

My DREAM for this project is to create an animated short based on my own original versions of Qilin and Chinese Unicorns (there's many kinds). If you are fans of Fantasia, The Last Unicorn, Studio Ghibli, and even My Little Pony I'm hoping you may also like my work. I would ALSO like to interact with people as well. I would like to know what people in the various fandoms like.

What do you want to see?

There are a number of things which I believe in, as an artist, and that includes practicing and honing one's skills. To think that the very idea of practicing and even sketching has become something that is sneered at, and admonished in establishment artistic bubbles is just so incredibly backwards to me.

I am an artist.

I sketch. I draw.

I'm also a fusion artist and an eclectic artist. I combine things, experiment with things. I need to grow, try different and new things, and even come back to old ones.

There's MANY kinds of arts, but fundamentals in traditional art is actively being snuffed out in academia. The idea of doing BEAUTIFUL art is something THEY punish..

I've come across so many young people, world wide, and they tell me they love to draw and want to draw as good as I did. But, they were often dissuaded from doing so in art school. many art students paid money, and went into debt thinking that paying for drawing classes would teach them basic techniques, and how to improve and hone them, when they didn't at all, but taught only theory or instillation art. That is fraud.

I have just gone through an art course about a number of art movements including "Net Art", and Dadaism. I honestly loved them all, and I "get it".

Honestly, I LOVE Duchamp. But, there's ONLY ONE Duchamp. AND, much like things that Alan Watts would say in his many Zen talks when anything becomes THE THING it then abruptly becomes valueless. At some point, it's as tho' anyone else doing Dada is nothing but a copycat or a Duchamp-wannabe.

I have never asserted that any of these things didn't have value. When I wrote that I "get it", I mean I understood that there were some creative individuals whom didn't have very good traditional skills, and focused more on ideas, or were toying with the idea or concept of art. Questioning what art really was... or pushing that boundary. That's all great. But, at some point, when that's THE ONLY ART ALLOWED it just becomes A BUNCH OF WEIRDOS DOING WEIRD THINGS.

Then, you end up with an establishment of all the modern "artists" that can't draw and resented those WITH DRAWING TALENTS began to rewrite the curriculum to glorify THEIR STYLES ONLY and punish young people for being born naturally talented at traditional arts, or doing things like cartoons, comics, anime, manga, super heroes, and fantasy or Sci-Fi (which BY THE WAY SELLS) get scorned or persecuted.

When I went to Art School, last century, even back then I was taught to hate & despise anime. I'm SO GLAD I overcame this forced-learned prejudice! Much of what I was taught when I graduated in 2001 turned out to be COMPLETELY WRONG anyway.

I want all of you kids, young people, and even my peers in my own generation that saw everything get outsourced and were forced to work in coffee shops, car dealers, and call centers, to know IT'S OK TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE.

Many people in my generation loved films like The Last Unicorn, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. Many things that remain dear to people's hearts is because of the fondness of their childhood memories. The MGM version of The Wizard of Oz is still endearing today, because it was preserved, and even its original success was a hit due to generations of children whom grew up reading the books then had their own children.

Inside of every person is that ever still "inner child", that sense of wonder, awe, and amazement. But, even so, I do NOT want to make my film for ONLY children, nor that's silly, with childish language, nor is unpalatable to older audiences. I would like to make something that's enjoyable to teens, young adults, and anyone that has that certain something I also have inside of them.

I want to make something that is beautiful, meaningful to myself as an artist. (My daughter, whom is also an artist/animator, may also be working with me on it.) I would like it to be whimsical, magical, uplifting, and musical. 
Beautiful dreams, and beautiful creatures, unicorns, clouds, gardens! 

I dearly hope you will participate in my project, and support my work.

Thank you. 

Art is the color of my heart.

任思麒 Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman 

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